Meter reading app

You, GRDF service provider, use our app for your intervention reports. Whether you perform meter reading, maintenance or Gazpar gas meter installation missions, our app helps you daily to manage your interventions.

Gas meter intervention planning.

Our maintenance app enables you to plan missions on the web platform. You can then assign them to a team or a specific technician in a few seconds. These plannings  are then sent to the technicians on the app.

Dematerialised reports writing on our maintenance app.

Actions are taken as usual by your technicians, according to the procedure you can configure.

Then, they enter their intervention reports on the app. You need a proof? Ask your technician for a picture of the intervention, editable on the tablet or smartphone! Reports are then sent to the web platform.

Team leaders and managers will be able to read the reports as soon as the mobile device recovers a Wi-Fi, 4G or ethernet connection.

Export modules can be made in Excel format according to your needs to send all the data directly into your purchaser’s software program.

In short, a 100% configurable app to dematerialise your interventions.

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