Disinfection monitoring app

Implementing a cleanup and disinfection plan has never been so easy than with GEMA!

Plan the tasks to be performed according to your disinfection protocol, identify the equipment to be disinfected and cleaned up, and check that your instructions have been respected, and all of that in a few clics only!

Plan the disinfection and cleaning of all your equipment!

There is a lot of equipment that needs a regular cleaning.
Because of the public health crisis caused by the COVID-19, the disinfection of touchpoints must be more regular.

Door handles, door codes, air conditioning, work surfaces and tools…. Secure your offices for your employees and clients thanks to GEMA, our disinfection monitoring app.

Installed on a smartphone or tablet, it enables your maintenance technicians to read the planning you prepared for them directly on the dedicated web platform.

Complete dematerialised reports

Your technicians or service providers take their cleaning/disinfection mission on the equipment you chose, according to the operating procedures you defined.

Then, they enter their report directly on the tablet or smartphone, thanks to easy to annotate forms.

These reports are then directly synchronised into your database.

As a result, you never lose data and you never get documents incorrectly filled!

Keep a proof of the regular disinfection of your equipment/premises!

Your client is asking you for a proof of the work achievement? You want to be able proving at any moment that this or that equipment was properly cleaned up?

Ask your technicians to make a RFID scan of your equipment, or to add an editable picture to their report!

Note: GEMA doesn’t need an internet connection to run.
Synchronisations are done automatically when the device recovers a Wi-Fi, ethernet or 3G/4G connection.

nettoyage et désinfection de tous vos équipements
rapports dématérialisés complets
rapport dématérialisé complet
Application désinfection

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