Playground and recreational equipment maintenance

Playground equipments (city parks, schoolyards…) must be controlled regularly to ensure the children safety.

Whether you are working in the municipality maintenance department or you outsource those periodic controls, our reports app GEMA can help you carry out those controls!

Control and maintenance interventions planning

Our app GEMA is particularly useful for periodic controls: plan all the required interventions from the web platform and assign them to your technicians or service providers.

The persons involved will see those missions directly in their planning on smartphone or tablet. You can require the RFID scan of the equipment to be controlled, in order to make sure the control was performed on the correct equipment.

Thanks to RFID, you avoid mistakes caused by misunderstandings.

You can also give the technicians specific instructions, linked to the equipment and its history.

Say goodbye to loose sheets and incomplete reports!

Your technicians carry out their interventions as usual, and then enter their report directly on the tablet.
They can add editable pictures to their reports.

A step of the slide is broken? A non-compliance notice is sent to the person responsible for it.

These dematerialised reports are then sent directly to the web platform dedicated to admins as soon as the mobile device recovers an internet connection.

GEMA can also be used in other departments, as it also enables the maintenance monitoring of green spaces and swimming pools for instance.

Maintenance aire de jeux
Maintenance aire de jeux

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