Intervention planning

Plan your team’s missions and send them their dematerialised plannings.
Do not forget any periodic control, whether it is regulatory or not, thanks to our mobile app.

Planification d'interventions et planning

Work order planning with resources allocation

Organising your team’s work has never been that easy!
GEMA intervention monitoring app allows you creating a work plan for your team, depending on the recurring tasks that must be performed.

A more organised team

You will never waste time looking at your planning on the notice board or risk to forgot a mission again: GEMA, our tablet or smartphone app enables all technicians to take note of his planning remotely, and to check the work orders that were given to them.

Plan your periodic interventions to manage them better

You have recurring interventions at regular intervals to perform, such as periodic controls and regulatory checks? Easily manage those actions with GEMA planning function.

All you have to do is to identify and configure your equipment to be able assigning tasks to your technicians: checks, repairs… It is even possible to equip your devices with the RFID technology to be sure that the actions are properly performed on the correct equipment.

Traçabilité équipement et outils

Configuration of operating range, equipment, and environment

Application suivi d'interventions en temps réel

Real time activity monitoring

Space available for unexpected operations: creation by the technicians of fortuitous tasks

In every activity, it is possible that unexpected actions interfere in your technicians schedule. GEMA app allows you to know what unexpected actions were performed by your technicians. A device was damaged? The technician can take action on the machine and tell managers and team leaders directly on the app, and let them know what he did.