Hotel management app

It is quite hard to manage a hotel sometimes. You have to make sure that every room was cleaned, that sheets were changed, that the laundry collected the dirty linen, that the pool and recreational devices were controlled…

Optimise your time thanks to GEMA! We make your work easier with our planning and dematerialised reports app.

Your interventions planned in a few minutes

Kitchen staff, maintenance staff, reception staff… Everybody has his own tasks to do.
With the web administration platform, you can plan these tasks and assign them to a team or a specific person.

Plannings directly on tablet

Your teams get their planning directly from GEMA app. Everyone performs the mission assigned to him/her and fills in his/her report directly on the tablet. This 100% dematerialised report can be completed with pictures or RFID proofs of the work completion. The dematerialised reports are saved into your database.

Dirty linen management

We also offer you a range of RFID solutions that can help you daily: find out on our online shop how you can manage the dirty linen thanks to our RFID detector and textile chips.

application gestion hôtel

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